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Main Cast

Vanessa "Nessa"                                                                                    
  Age: 18 (current)
  Hair: Violet
  Eyes: Turquoise
  Height: 5'6
  Weight: 120

After being found wondering the woods outside of a desimated village at the age of 6, Nessa was brough up in a tribe of amazons. Nessa has no memories of who she is , where she is from or if the name Vanessa is even hers to begin with. Now she has been cast out by the only people she's ever known and journeys to find her past.

  Age: ???
  Hair: Dark Green
  Eyes: Yellow
  Height: 5'8
  Weight: 135

Zana was the warrior that found Vanessa and took it upon herself to raise Nessa as her own child. Skilled in every weapon, she is the leader of the main warriors guild of her tribe and taught Vanesssa everything she knows about fighting.

Devan Lucas                                                                                          
  Age: 19
  Hair: Blond
  Eyes: Blue
  Height: 5'10
  Weight: 136

Devan Lucas is a new recruit for the Echzeon army and has already let his new possition go to his head. A spoiled son of a noble Lucas is not used to takeing orders . He's not a bad guy at heart but his noblity causes him to look down on others.

Carl Evans                                                                                        
  Age: 18
  Hair: Red
  Eyes Green
  Height: 5'9
  Weight: 130

Not one of the smartest people in the world, Carl Evans joins the Echzeon Army bacause he was never much good at anything but getting into trouble and fighting. Not one to think for himself he is easily lead into situations he can't get himself out of.

Samuel Dutt                                                                      
  Age: 20
  Hair: Black
  Eyes: Light Brown
  Height: 6'0
  Weight: 140

Coming from a long line of soldiers for the kingdom of Echzeon, Samuel Dutt's main dream has always been to be one of Lord Echzeon's personal guards like his father. Unfortunatly for Dutt he tends to get distracted by pretty women, who might not actually want his attention in the first place. This usually get him into a world of trouble.

General John Forsythe                                                                    
Age: 43
  Hair: Graying Black
  Eyes: Blue
  Height: 6'1
  Weight: 220

General Forsythe is currently inlisting recruits for the Echzeon army for basic training.  After seeing the result of Nessa's fight with three of what he considered his top recruits he askes her to join. 

Minor Cast

William "Bill" Pierce
Age: 55
  Hair: Gray
  Eyes: Green
  Height: 5'10
  Weight: 160

Bill Pierce is a simple man with simple hopes and dreams.  He runs the Pierce Tavern and Inn in Edion with his two daughters (or rather he watches his daughters run it for him).  He is saved from Lucas by Vanessa and later lets her use his inn as a thank you.  He's not sure why but he feels the need to help the mysterious Nessa no matter what.

Melody "Mel" Pierce
Age: 18
  Hair: Blonde
  Eyes: Gray
  Height: 5'5
  Weight: 108

Mel is the younger of Bill's daughter and as such she usually finds herself doing most of the work at the inn.  She usually keeps to herself as she is very shy but she often finds that the men that come into Edion for some reason find that a turn on and give her trouble.  Like most sisters she and Jen don't get a long most of the time (as Jen bosses her around all the time) and argue most of the time they are around each other.  Mel was saved by Nessa when she and her father were assalted by Lucas and his friends.

Jennifer "Jen" Pierce
  Age: 23
  Hair: Dark Brown
  Eyes: Green
  Height: 5'7
  Weight: 116

The older and wilder of Bill's daughters Jen is really the one in charge of the inn and tavern.  She lives at the inn with her son and the rest of her family.  A complusive smoker her only other joy in life is making Mel miserable when she can though anybody else messing with her little sister would be lucky to leave her tavern in one piece.

Andy Pierce
Age: 4
  Hair: Dark Brown
  Eyes: Gray
  Height: 3'6
  Weight: 40

Jen's son.  Tends to get into and cause trouble just like his mother.

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